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with police. she's hysterical. she's crying. christian greer last night after offering clothes to a woman screaming from the greenwood light on the case the day afterhas greer and other neighbors surrounding the cemetery a little less anxious.police say the woman has a criminal history of solicitation, so they don't believe this a random attack. sgt. brian robinsonwe know she came into contact one way or another with the suspect down around dixie and belle area. what transpired between her coming into contact with him and when she was found up in greenwood cemetery. is what's under investigation trying to nail down the timeline and the facts. 21:26but sgt. brian robinson says the address the victim gave leads to an empty hotel room and she's not answered they've been trying to reach out to other people to make contact with her throughout the day and they have not been able to make contact with her. 23:14 with my sister being down the street and my mom as well it's just nice to know that it
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little bit better now.bianca scannavino, hamilton it's still not right that someone held a knife up to her throat and did that to her. no one deserves that to happen to them.big brother feels the same way.christian greer, hamilton i want to see that woman ok and i want to see that man put behind bars. as detectives try to track down the victim they are not releasing details they know about the they look at a possible connection between the other all too similar cases. live in hamilton, julie o'neill 9 on your side. he was shot more than seven years ago. this month.. he finally died from his wounds. the case of david wallace has become a murder case. nine on your side was on mc-micken avenue in september of 20-08 when wallace was shot. the cincinnati police homicide unit and the hamilton county prosector's office are now reopening the case. if you can help them.. call crime
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right now in bond hill... police are looking for the times. the victim was found after he collapsed in the middle of franklin avenue. its believe he was shoot outside a near-by apartment building. bond hill elementary was put on lockdown for while as a precaution.. because school was just letting out. nine on your side will stay on this and bring develops. police have a person of interest right now -- wanted for dumping the body of an unconscious man in the parking lot of the mount healthy white castle. castle.nine on your side tom mckee is live with new information in the investigation. who dumped nathaniel clark's lifeless bvody in this white castle parking lot early today? that's what mount health police want to was discovered by a stunned employee who quickly called 911. "there's some man in the parking lot passed out laying down on the ground cold. he ain't getting up. they're
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just laying there." that brought mount health officers alan fath and cody meyer to the scene.they sensed that clark was unconscious because of a drug overdose and quickly got narcan from their cruiser. clark was revived and now the search is underway for the people who gave him the drugs and left him to die. "we're going to be relentless in the pursuit of these individuals and it's my goal to try to put anybody who supplies heroin or any kinds of illegal substances to people in our commuity to put them in jail." jail."clark is in the hamilton county justice center rcharged with drug possession.court records indicate a prior conviction for heroin possession. clark is in the hamilton county justice center rcharged with drug possession.court records indicate a prior conviction for heroin possession. two women in butler county originally charged with promoting prostitution have now changed their pleas to
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women were arrested in october of 20-14 during a raid at the asian spa in fairfield. they've now pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.. and were given a 30 days suspended sentence and a 150 dollar fine. the raid followed a year- long investigation. nine on your side is the only local station with a bureau dedicated to covering news in butler and warren counties. a man accused of barricading a woman inside her own apartment for 'days' ... beating her so severely she went unconscious ... has been arraigned on half a million dollars bond.police say 31 year old eric morris kidnapped and terrorized the woman back in october. are juror questionnaires too invasive?at least one prospective juror in warren county was shocked to see the questions she was literally "commanded" to answer by the court. elle zimmerman says she's willing to be a juror.. she just doesn't see why very personal information needs to become part of the public record. she rather answer these types of questions in person. "it was asking me political,
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opinions about guns, my opinoins about waht, what tv shows i watched, how i would describe my personality." personality."other questions covered topics such as medications a prospective juror is taking... their least favorite subject in school... and if they are comfortable around people of different races. a statement... warren county common pleas court says.. quote... "we, the judges, always tries to be sensitive to the feelings and concerns of the jurors." end quote.zimmerman will go to court to answer the questions next month. ohio is taking steps to make sure more absentee ballots are counted in the november election. by law... mailed-in absentee ballots have to be postmarked before election day to be counted. but an increasing number of ballots are arriving without a postmark... so they can'.t be counted. now.. the ohio secretary of state is working with the post office to make sure its equipment identifies the mail as election material and is given extra priority.
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taking a leading role in keeping you safe on-line. vantiv processes on-line payments for stores and banks. 13- hundred people work for vantiv in the tri-state. right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app.... the company's six new products that are designed to make sure you don't get ripped-off when paying on-line or swiping a credit or debit card. powerball fever hit kentucky hard. the numbers just released that put those frenzied ticket sales into perspective. political animals.the tri-state dog and cat officially registered in washington as presidential candidates. the upcoming debate unlike any other we'll see this political season. new troubles for hillary clinton. coming up on world news tonight... the "top secret" emails found on her personal home server. how she is responding to the discovery. you're watching 9 on your side
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kentucky is a big powerball winner tonight.. without buying a single ticket. kentucky sold 31 million dollars worth of powerball tickets during the first 13 days of this month.that is about the amount as was sold in the prior *six months.* leading up to the big one - and a half billion dollar drawing on january 13-th... retailers were selling one million dollars worth of tickets every hour. the lottery says it expects about 246 million dollars from the lottery will go to education
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you'll now see a big change when heading up i-71 in warren county towards columbus. " 3.. 2.. 1.. ribbon cut... applause" applause" a new flying "j" pilot travel center opened today at the ohio 123 interchange. many residents in the area fought the project... sayng it would create too much sewage. a lawsuit then delayed the project for a couple of years. but the mayor of lebanon says there will be a lot of long- term benefits to the project. "with other land around for future develoment and the potential for more busineses and industry and again job creation, so i think this ripe for good solid develoment, which is what we want." want."about 70 people work at the travel plaza... which includes places to eat as well as gas and diesel lanes with high speed pumps. weather and sports are ahead,
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sot: "she does the best job i've ever seen" "she's got my vote"a local mayor is heading for the national stage... and she's man's best friend. 9 on your side follws her as he preppes for the big debate... and it's all for good causes. you're watching 9 on your side
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the museum center is celebrating a banner 20-15... it had its second highest attendance on record. there were one and a half million visits to the museum center last year... and
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its ever had since it opened in 19-90.nearly 224- thousand people went to the museum center. officials say events such as "star wars day"... the "art of the brick"... omnimax movies such as "journey to space" were very popular. it looks like the presidential debate field just got a little bigger.two new candidates will be going at it like cats and dogs. dogs.that's because they are--cats and dogs.our scott wegener has the hairy details. sound from debates.if you think the race for president has been a dog fight, you haven't seen anything yet. there are two new candidates stepping into the ring--on all fours. first, the current canine mayor of rabbit hash, kentucky--... lucy lou decided to throw her own collar into the arena!"and new to the political catbox-- limberbutt mccubbins from louisville."limberbutt mccubbins believes schools should teach cat evolution." both candiates are offically registered with the federal election commission.and ready
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network presidential debate-where else but in a barn. barn. "she has her opinions on a lot of the issues that are besetting the country right now .""i think overall we have a very strong stand. we know what we believe in, and i think we'll do perfectly well." i caught up with lucy lou as she was being coiffed for her upcoming tv debut. debut. she seemed a bit nervous. "what's your main campaign strategy?"(silence)but despite any pre-debate jitters, this showdown looks to be a real... real... limberbutt's campaign manager, emily mccubbins, who just turned eighteen, says there is a serious side to all this; "we're trying to ensure that other people our age go out to the polls and vote, and learn about candidates."lucy lou hopes to raise money to keep rabbit hash in good repair after a recent landslide.may the best uh...creature win. scott wegener, nine on your
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it was the university of cincinnati's biggest win this season.when the bearcats beat
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got them a win, it got them back into the sports' jerry palm released his latest bracketology today. and uc is back in, as an eleven seed. long way to go before selection sunday, but that is good news. to decent crowds, the reds caravan rolls on. on the north left handed starting pitcher, cody reed, who just this week, was named the second prospect in the reds organization by baseball prospectus. reed is a lefthander, goes 6-5, 220. and in a rebuilding year, he could be with the reds by the end of this coming season. trt :11outcue:...chance for me."((reed: the second half of the season, they had all those rookie make their debut. that's a confidence boost for me. they expect guys, young guys like that, come up and make a statement for themselves. and hopefully they make that chance for me.)) it's a big day, big deal for former university of cincinnati tight end travis kelce. kelce re-upped with the kansas city chiefs today.
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than 20-million of that is guarenteed money.kelce is also filming his own reality dating show, catching kelce. and with their season opener set for march 26th, on the road at charelston, south carolina, fc cincinnati introduced its latest round of signees. on the list, former uc and cincinnati state star, omar cummings. trt :18outcue:...very easy choice."((cummings: it's an easy choice to say come back to my second home and play. to be in and around the guys at the universtiy of cincinnati. and at this point in my life, with kids and family, i wanted to be some where where you have support. i definitely feel that in cincinnati. and it was a very easy choice.)) the top women racquetball players in the country are trying to drive the alley and avoid foot the beechmont racquet club, the ladies professional racquet ball tour has the courts this weekend.among the participants is four time world championship rhond rajsich, who is on the court right now.
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match and her from her tonight at eleven. any athlete will tell you, concentration is everything in sports. and when that concentration is toyed with, bad things can the university of arizona, they toy with their opponent's concentration. they have, what is called, the curtain of distraction....b ehind the opponent's basket. and when an opposing player lines up for a foul shot....the curtain gives way to distraction...and last night, it was michael phelps, with his gold bling dangling from his neck that distracted the opponent...and the opponent missed both of his free throws. and now here's julie dolan with the stories we're working on for you on nine on your side at seven. searching for a match.a batavia dad is hoping you can spare five minutes this weekend to help save his life. his story, all new at 7, after
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that's 9 on your side at six for this friday. friday.we're always on with
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